The Infrastructure of trust

The Infrastructure of Trust in the global private capital markets is for regulated entities such as broker-dealers, secondary market operators, lawyers, auditors, transfer agents, due diligence providers, AML providers, share registries, corporate registries, custodians, regulators, etc.

kore nodes

what is a korenode?

KoreNodes are fundamental nodes of the KoreChain, a permissioned enterprise-grade blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric. They ensure business validation and consensus of transactions among the participants, recording the final transactions in an immutable, decentralized, and fail-safe distributed ledger.

KoreNodes are an essential mechanism for governance in the Infrastructure of Trust. They help digital securities to be fully compliant with securities regulation and company law in various jurisdictions.

The KoreChain does not circumvent regulation or disintermediate any of the regulated entities in the private capital markets.

The KoreChain and KoreNodes, fully supported by our KorePartners, are an implementation and expression of the vision and values behind the Infrastructure of Trust for the private capital markets worldwide.


A KoreNode consists of:

  • KoreChain and Hyperledger Fabric components on the Cloud
  • Chaincode (smart contracts) for endorsement
  • Mechanisms for KoreChain governance

KoreNodes perform the following functions:

  • Ensure integrity of data and endorse transactions
  • Maintain a copy of the distributed ledger with access permissions
  • Provide automated fault-recovery

KoreNode operators benefit in the following ways:

  • Be a key part of the Infrastructure of Trust
  • Influence or approve the creation of new digital financial instruments
  • Influence or approve new functionality for the KoreChain
  • Privacy-compliant access to detailed transaction data for analytical purposes
  • Access to special insight reports as and when available
  • Integrate with internal systems
  • Special mention on all KoreConX websites
  • The first priority in connecting with issuers

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