The KoreBriefings are executive summaries of critical concepts and topics in the KoreChain. They cover the KoreChain (KoreConX's blockchain and the all-in-one platform), KoreContracts (the basis of all contract instruments including the KoreTokens, which are intelligent security tokens), the KoreToken specification and protocol, and how to design a KoreToken for an STO.

Each KoreBriefing covers the basic description of the topic, why it is important, how it is special in the world of security tokens, and how it benefits the various participants in the global private capital markets ecosystem.

What is a KoreChain
This describes the KoreChain, its value, how it differs from other chains, and its functional architecture.

What is a KoreContract
KoreContracts are the templates for intelligent contracts. They are the foundation from which contract instruments such as KoreTokens are generated.

KoreToken Specification & Protocol
Provides a non-technical description of the KoreToken Specification and Protocol

How to Design Your KoreToken for an STO
A step-by-step guide to the design of a security token

KoreConX Offering

The KoreConX offering document describes the digital securities offering.
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Q4 2015
KoreConX Launches All-In-One platform

Q2 2018
KoreConX Partners with Seven Broker Dealers Worldwide

Q3 2018
KoreToken Presales and KoreInfrastructure

Q1 2019
KoreContracts and GRC

Q2 2019
Functional Use-Cases & Token Lifecycle Design

Q3 2019
Launch KoreChain, KoreToken Public Sale, Complex Orchestration

Q4 2019
Template Libraries and AI

Q1 2020
Secondary Exchanges

Q2 2020
Stabilize Complex KoreContracts & AI Services