About KoreConX

KoreConX is the world's first highly-secure permissioned blockchain ecosystem for fully-compliant tokenized securities worldwide.

To ensure compliance with securities regulation and corporate law, the KoreConX all-in-one, AI-based blockchain platform manages the full lifecycle of tokenized securities including the issuance, trading, clearing, settlement, management, reporting, corporate actions, and custodianship. Connecting companies to the capital markets and secondary markets facilitates access to capital and liquidity for private investors.

The private capital markets are burdened by inefficient tools, fragmented processes and high costs. Companies are cobbling together systems such as email marketing tools for investor relations, online data storage for unstructured deal room services, and Excel for captable management, limiting their ability to manage their business in one platform, not to mention sharing that data with investors.

KoreConX replaces these unconnected tools with one platform that not only integrates the various functions but also provides blockchain and AI capabilities. Our all-in-one platform keeps all stakeholders engaged, informed and compliant in the private capital market ecosystem, while removing inefficiencies, duplication and reducing costs.


We are entrepreneurs at heart. We have extensive experience in securities regulation, compliance, startups, technology, and business in various countries around the world. Blockchain and artificial intelligence open tremendous opportunities in various industries, but especially in the global private capital markets for tokenizing securities. More than anything, we believe in ensuring that all participants in this ecosystem (such as investors, companies, broker dealers, compliance officers, attorneys, secondary market operators, and so on) are protected. We believe regulation exists for a good reason and we aim to make it easy and efficient to be fully compliant.
Oscar A Jofre
Co-Founder, President/CEO
Jason Futko
Co-Founder, CFO
Kiran K. Garimella, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist & CTO
Jonathan Heymann
Director, Compliance & Registrations
Edwin Lee
Director MENA Region
Edmund Tan
Director ASEAN
Rosanna Mancuso
Director Australia
Michel Aliphon
Director Australia
Steve Ferrando
Director Business Development
Byron Sanders
Director Business Development
Emily Cornelius
Director Marketing & Communications
Larissa Veloso
Marketing Assistant
Elizabeth Frenchy
On-boarding Specialist


KoreConX's global strategy requires thought-leaders and practitioners in the areas of legal, securities law, accounting, blockchain, artificial intelligence, secondary markets, and capital markets to bring a fully-compliant security token protocol to the global private capital markets.
David Weild IV
Randee Pavalow
Keith Bear
Rod Wilmer
Kim Wales
Richard Swart, Ph.D.
Dan Conway, Ph.D.
Manie Eagar
Brian Traquair
Bruno Maruzzo
Adrian Banica
Alessandro Lerro

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