KoreTokens are the fundamental units of transactions of tokenized securities.

The KoreToken Protocol

The KoreProtocol is a specification and protocol for tokenized securities. It is a multi-jurisdictional protocol that has been designed for the protection of investors, issues, and other participants of the private capital markets around the world. KoreTokens support identity validation, verification, suitability, issuance, participation, secondary trading, custodianship, M&A, exits, reporting, and disclosure.

KoreTokens also interact with various business functions automatically, such as KYC, AML, suitability, captable management, investor relationships, portfolio management, capital markets, transfer agent services, etc.

The KoreProtocol is a specification and protocol that has four modular layers.

The Public Interface Layer handles all data access interactions and APIs for communications with external parties and other KoreContract instruments.

The Business Layer contains information about the terms and conditions of the tokenized security. This includes jurisdictions, exemptions, rights, events, disclosures, exits, etc.

The Process Layer contains information about end-to-end processes for management of transactions, events, and the complete lifecycle of security tokens.

The Governance Layer handles compliance, risk management, and audit. This layer contains functionality such as disable, enable, stop, shutdown, restore, restart, notifications, and escalations.

Benefits of KoreToken for the Ecosystem Stakeholders

  • For Issuers: Meets all regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions where security token is offered
  • For Broker-Dealers: Ensures that Issuers are conducting legitimate securities transactions and that investors are protected, properly managed, and reported
  • For Secondary Market Operators: Allows a seamless, frictionless trading bringing together investors, tokenholders, issuers, broker dealers, and transfer agents

Getting Started Process

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